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With smarter technologies the world is moving a lot faster. Whether it’s a holiday, a handbag or a car, once you know what you want you don’t want to wait for it. You want it now.

At TrustFord we know how demanding life is in today’s times. We understand the significance of urgency and that’s why we want to make your vehicle purchase as easy, quick and as stress-free as possible.

With TrustFord Now we aim to make your new or used vehicle purchase practical and quick for you. Now you can see your vehicle, buy it and drive it home, all on the same day and within the same hour! We’ll even bring your vehicle to your nearest TrustFord dealership so you don’t have to travel far. 

Find out how we can save you time and money.



Take Me Home Now

Whether it’s a new or a used vehicle that’s caught your eye, you can take it home today* It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it online or in the flesh, if we already have it on site, we’ll make sure you can drive your vehicle home today and within 1 hour of purchasing it.


Take Me Home Today